I love that you are considering investing in yourself this fully. Putting yourself first and making self-care sacred is no small task. It’s big and important and should be acknowledged. I know you have questions, concerns and curiosities and I have answers. If you don’t see your question here, email Karen.

1. Can you accommodate my food restrictions?
Yes! All food is vegetarian and vegan and mostly gluten free. Please email Karen to provide specific restrictions. If you need to speak with our chef prior to ‘treat, that can be arranged.

2. Can you hook me up with a carpool or shared taxi from the train?
Yes! Well, I will do my best. Email Karen to find out if anyone has space in her car or needs a train or taxi buddy. Please note: Growing Heart Farm is in walking distance from the train.

3. I have space in my car and would love the company. Can you hook me up?
Yes! Thank you! I will do my best. Email Karen to find out if anyone is looking for a ride.

4. When do we start?
I like your enthusiasm! We begin the weekend Friday afternoon.
The exact time will be announced soon and will be matched with the train schedule.
FYI – we end Sunday afternoon, typically at 3:30-ish. No earlier.

5. Can I get private time with a practitioner to work on something specific and personal to me?
Yes! These optional sessions are done during the free time on Saturday afternoon and paid directly to the practitioner. Details on what is offered are here.

6. What is your cancellation policy?
Cancellations in 3 weeks or less receive no refund.
Cancellations 22 days to 6 weeks from event receive 50% refund.

7. Can I request to share a room with a friend?
Absolutely! I will do everything I can to accommodate all roommate requests.

8. Can I camp?
Yes! Camping is definitely an option – and is at a reduced rate.
Legit outdoor bathrooms and shower are available too!
Please provide your own gear: tent, sleeping bag, etc.

9. What is karma yoga?
At ‘treat this is everyone working as a community. Around meals, everyone helps bring food out if needed (we do it buffet style) and everyone clears the tables, helps put away leftovers and washes dishes. This is so no one person gets stuck with it all and it helps us move on to the next activity much quicker.

10. When does registration open?
‘treat is currently on hiatus.

11. When does registration close?

12. Do you offer any scholarship positions?
Yes! There is one slot open for a financial aid exchange. If the full price of ‘treat is truly preventing you from coming, please email Karen for the details on this assistantship opportunity.

13. What do I bring?
Upon registration, you will receive an email with everything you need to know, part of which is a list of what to bring, which will include your personal addition to our group altar.

14. I have to come late or leave early. Can I still come?
Yes! This does disrupt the energy of the group, but yes, you are welcome to come for whatever time you can. Our schedule is quite full from open to close so you would be missing some of our activities. You’ll receive a general schedule via email as we get closer. Also, note that the cost of the 3 days remains the same regardless.

15. Can I take it with me?
Yes! Yes! Yes! It is not only important that you have a transformative weekend, but that you take it with you. What you get out of the weekend doesn’t end on Sunday afternoon. You will learn modalities, moves and a plethora of self-care techniques that you can easily integrate into your life when you get home. You’ll have your own personal journaling and other work from our rituals that you can apply moving forward. You’ll leave with a tribe of sisters and carry the spirit of their love and support with you.

Additionally, there will be some wonderful wellness and soulful products available for sale, including Essential Oils and MELT gear to enhance your life and healing at home.

Finally, there is The Well, a bi-monthly gathering for the alumni of ‘treat to continue our learning, strengthen our sisterhood and help keep self-care sacred. Learn more here.