‘treat gallery

Explore some memories of our magical weekends from the last six years of ‘treat.
Get a glimpse of the community, past offerings and activities, the food, the land, the love.
Imagine yourself joining in and taking part. Imagine how you’ll feel inside and out.








“Thank you for all of this Karen, I so appreciate all that I received on many levels and yes I am still carrying the spirit.”
– Julia B.
“I participated in ‘treat as a meditation teacher, and was graciously welcomed to join all the transformational activities. ‘Treat connected me with a vibrant wellness community and provided opportunities to teach, coach, share products and literature, and stay in touch with a motivated group of women. As a participant, I can truly say I was transformed by the deep embrace of and belief in universal healing power that is amplified by Karen’s clear intention and the trusting participation of each ‘treat “Beauty,” (as Karen called us all weekend long).”
– Jennifer R.